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Transformational flooring

Our next step, after destroying, clearing and cleaning it was time to add a new floor in the 2F of our home. Our second floor is now an open format space and our plan is to make it into a private family area with a reading room, two desk areas- since we both work at home, a large open dressing room and the bedroom. A small side room houses a bathroom, where we will next need to replace the vanity and a not very nice toilet room.

But first step FLOORS!

Tatami mats to pull up before our subfloor and then the cedar

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BOOM! Next Stage is Demolition

So you’ve seen our old house in it’s glory from before we started to redo-remake-remodel-reform and re-imagine. Next step, breaking it down.

Because we will be living here while we remodel, we made the decision to do the second floor first, get it comfortable and basically live upstairs and then work on the downstairs. We can still use the ugly kitchen while we wait, and the shower room on the first floor is ok. So just need living and sleeping space upstairs.

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What do you do when you want to make something new out of something 50+ years old?

Destroy a bunch of stuff and make way for the new.

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Before Part2: The Upstairs!

As mentioned– This site is chronicling our DIY project– an adorable house built in 1958. We are going for a mid century modern inspired remodel. Before we show a lot of what we have done– I want to share where we started. These photos are all of the second floor which we are opening up into a huge bright sunny bedroom space.

Of special note, the only room uglier than the kitchen is the horrible purple carpet room which will be our soon-to-be bedroom.

So before we start with the process photos, please peruse the not so glorious beginnings of the second floor…

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As we get started in ernest…

The first floor — a few “before” shots.

In Order

  1. dining room
  2. guest room (otherwise known as Mom’s room)
  3. very ugly kitchen
  4. living room

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Never ones to avoid adventure…

In early July our dear friends over at AdventureBaby made us a crazy, wonderful, delightful, challenging and not-to-be-missed offer… (did I mention crazy?) ! Their family had this old house, no one living there any longer– did we want to move there and take it over? The rent would be a lot less than we were paying and the key thing was “We could do whatever we wanted to the house.” 

MHTC (better known as #myhusbandthechef) and I had always wanted to do this kind of thing. Save an old house from the wrecking ball. Redo something to suit us perfectly and have the fun of old-meets-new design. So though we loved our place in Nakameguro, we headed over to give the place a look. Not sure if we were even interested because we loved our current place and we were not looking to move. After all, the new house was sort of in the *gasp* suburbs!

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